The Windows 10 Experience

This is my take on Microsoft's latest effort

Windows 10 is probably the biggest single upgrade in Microsoft’s history. Whether it equates to big dollars for the Redmond Washington company is a whole other matter. The company has been on somewhat a rollercoaster ride in the past 5 years or so. Windows Vista was suppose to be the operating system Microsoft bet the company on and almost lost it entirely. Windows 7’s release quickly stemmed the tide once it was determined Vista was not going to enjoy the same adoption rate of success as earlier versions of Windows had in the past. As more and more people became comfortable with Windows 7, Microsoft felt the need, and pressure from Apple, Google and others, to come up with a dual purpose operating system that featured an API with touch gesturing for tablets but still had the power and application capabilities of a traditional PC.


Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 10?
What operating system are you currently using?
Are you looking to migrate away from Microsoft’s platform?
If so, what alternative OS would you move to?