Process Analysis Services

Business Process Reengineering/Business Process Management

Business Process Reengineering is the analysis and redesign of workflows and business processes within an enterprise. BPR tools are used to help businesses fundamentally analyze how their current process flows work and seek ways to improve on, or dramatically change, those processes in order to achieve a higher performance.  The results of a successful BPR implementation can lead to:bpm-diagram-1

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased strategic advantage

Additionally, businesses that use BPR have the tools to better maintain it’s company objectives through BPM (Business Process Management).  These objectives play a vital role in planning a new strategy while focusing on important areas pertaining to the organizations mission, strategic goals, and customer needs.

BPR analysts look at performance processes and sub-processes in order to see if they are performing efficiently or if the process itself is fundamentally inefficient or outmoded. It is this reason re-engineering is the most beneficial to todays business. A BPR redesign gives a business the greatest possible benefit to an organization and it’s customers by identifying processes that are old or outdated. We then use technology automation to eliminate manual processes or radically change them to better meet the needs of the business.

It is the goal of Cyberdyne Business Systems to make sure your business achieves dramatic improvements in all critical performance measures pertaining to costs, quality and service while improving on speed and efficiency. Call us for a free consultation.