Piece of Mind Guaranteed Business Continuity

Here’s a fact: 1 in 4 businesses never re-open their doors after a disaster. This simple statement should send shivers down your spine. Cyberdyne Business Systems makes sure you have an adequate backup and recovery plan in place to assure your business stays up and running no matter what the circumstance. Our professional staff deliver comprehensive end to end disaster recovery solutions to fit any business and on any budget. Let our team work to keep your team in the game.

 Unforeseen Threats

Dell_LogoBusiness Continuity and disaster recovery planning are crucial elements in an organization. It determines whether a business can remain open in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Whether it’s a natural, electrical, vandalism, etc., our staff understands the importance of keeping your business up and running.

Our Business Continuity as a Service solution is a comprehensive managed service for businesses that need outsourcing, development and administration of their server data. We provide the best expertise, resources and software from the leader in disaster recovery hardware; Dell, Inc.

Our relationship with Dell has enabled us to provide hardware solutions for any size business; large or small. We are able to manage the entire business continuity process from start to finish to give you the best on-site as well as off-site cloud based backup and recovery solutions to fit your budget.

Here is a list of core features we offer to you;

  • Program management
  • Continuity Management Administration
  • Business Continuity Preparedness Assessment
  • Data Storage Analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Technical Risk Assessment
  • Recovery Strategy Options Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Backup/Recovery Rehearsal Testing
  • Recovery Test Management
  • Training and Awareness
  • Incident Management

Internal Threats

Viruses and malware are a constantsymantec logo small internal threat to all data networks with email being one of the biggest contributors to virus and malicious software attacks from hackers. These individuals seek access to sensitive corporate data, hold your company hostage through ransomware or destroy your hardware and data all together. Hackers can also victimize your infrastructure by gaining access to sensitive information by acquiring access using stolen email accounts through spearfishing and other types of social engineering tricks to steal your users accounts and passwords.

Cyberdyne Business Systems partnership with Symantec enables us to provide your business with sound, end to end security solutions that keep the bad guys out of your sensitive corporate network and away from trade secrets as well as your confidential, proprietary data. The Symantec Global Intelligence Network consists of more than 57.6 million attack sensors that monitor threats in over 157 countries and territories recording thousands of events per second.

We leverage their expertise by implementing their three layered protection techniques for servers and workstations whether it’s Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. Their software combined with our expert systems technicians allow us to mitigate the risk and keep your business humming.

Here are some additional features listed below.

  • Repudiation and behavioral analysis (to block zero-day threats)
  • Protect email against targeted attacks from advanced malware, spearfishing, and spam
  • Protection for Workstations, Servers, Tablets and mobile devices
  • Protection across multiple platforms via the Cloud
  • Datacenter Security solutions


A powerful, yet simple solution for protecting your businesses most valuable digital assets is to store them in the cloud. The easiest, safest, reliable and most secure way to do this is to have Carbonite perform the task for you. Carbonate works by automatically and continuously backing up all your important company data to their secure servers every hour of everyday. Data is replicated at regular intervals from your servers and workstations to Carbonite’s cloud based servers via an encrypted end to end connection to ensure your business continues uninterrupted even if the unforeseen should happen.

Through our unique partnership with Carbonate, Cyberdyne Business Systems is able to offer our business clients the best, reliable and most affordable, off-site solution to fit any size organization.

Oh and by the way; Carbonite is both HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley compliant, keeping your data protected and safe in accordance to all federal and state electronic data communications regulations.

Cyberdyne Business Systems is extremely proud to be an authorized Carbonite Solutions Provider. Call us today for more information.